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Welcome to the Silicon Valley Linux Users Group

Linux - The Operating System of the 21st Century TM

Silicon Valley Linux User Group: Meeting Agenda

Following is a generic checklist for running an SVLUG meeting. Any member attending can, if nobody else is stepping up to do this, run through the list. We have no dedicated host or emcee: If you don't make this happen, it's likely enough that nobody will.

Greetings and Introduction

After allowing a few minutes for stragglers:
  • Remind people that this is the monthly meeting of Silicon Valley Linux User Group, that meeting information and access to the announcements and discussion mailing list are at www.svlug.org, and that the featured presentation will start in a few minutes. Make friendly acknowledgement of supporting groups that co-sponsored such as Silicon Valley Linux Technology Meetup. Stress that our meetings are open to the public, free of charge.

  • Invite anyone with a brief relevant announcement to come up-front and say 2-3 sentences. (Be prepared to politely call time if they prove unclear on what "brief" means.)

  • Mention that anyone interested in going to dinner together at the end of the meeting should stick around.

  • Introduce the speaker. Usually this needn't be fancier than reading part or all of the meeting announcement. It's a good idea to vet your pronunciation of the speaker's name, in advance.

We've seldom had a problem with speakers running long (it's usually great when they do), but if we're pushing 9:30 pm or such, get the speaker's attention, pantomime pointing at your watch (or wrist if you're watchless), and hold up five or ten fingers to suggest number of minutes.

Wrapping Up

  • Thank the speaker.

  • Couldn't hurt to remind people again that this is Silicon Valley LInux User Group and we do this every month, every 1st Wednesday, right here.

  • Mention again that it's traditional for a smaller subset to reconvene at a nearby restaurant for dinner and conversation. You'll need to pick a restaurant, chaos follows. One possible among many, good because it's cheap, popular, and open until 11pm:
    La Victoria Taqueria
    1415 N 4th St near Gish Road
    north San Jose

    Ask for a show of hands (and stick yours up) of how many are interested. La Victoria is 1.5 miles approx. south of Cavium. The show of hands encourages people and helps them know whom to follow to get there, etc. Rough head count helps planning to get a table(s).

  • Remind folks they don't need to go home but they can't stay here, i.e., encourage them to take post-meeting discussion outside.

  • Tidy up. No soda cans under chairs, and so on.

  • Make sure the door closes and locks when we leave.

    Feedback to SVLUG webmasters.