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This page houses a static snapshot of the Voting Booth program's output, showing all five polls it conducted: We've not yet reimplemented the "stv" (Single Transferrable Vote) program on our post-2005 Web host, as it needs security-checking, and SVLUG has come to prefer in-person voting, anyway. Links below go to static snapshots of (formerly) live "stv" poll pages, and to their results. The Voting Booth's Perl CGI script and support libs are available.

prez2001 poll.
prez2001 poll results.
[Voting is now closed on this subject.]

This is the run-off election for SVLUG President for 2001. The election at the meeting was too close to count by the show-of-hands method. The candidates (listed in random order that reverses every few minutes) are;

You may also indicate "none" somewhere in your list of preferences if you wish. If "none" were to win, nominations would be re-opened.

Voting closes at 11:59PM Pacific Time on Friday, November 10, 2000.

restaurant-200407 poll.
restaurant-200407 poll results.
This is a poll to gauge interest in which location to meet after the SVLUG meeting on July 7, 2004. It may be used for more after that, if it works well.

This vote is closed. Please see the August poll.

restaurant-200408 poll.
restaurant-200408 poll results.
This is a poll to gauge interest in which location to meet after the SVLUG meeting on August 4, 2004. It may be used for more after that, if it works well.

restaurant-2001 poll.
restaurant-2001 poll results.

[Voting is closed on this subject - results are available. Please suggest another topic if you'd like to.]

Where would you prefer to eat (as a group) after the SVLUG meeting? The choices are (in no particular order):

  • Denny's, Calaveras Blvd (near 880), Milpitas (open 24 hours)
  • Denny's, Bowers Ave (near 101), Santa Clara (open 24 hours)
  • Peppermill, Lakeside Dr (near 101), Santa Clara (open 24 hours)
  • Baker's Square, Calaveras Blvd (near 880), Milpitas (closes 11PM)
  • Marie Callender's, Calaveras Blvd (near 880), Milpitas (closes 11PM)
  • Bennigan's, Great America Pkwy (near 101), Santa Clara (closes 2AM)
  • Int'l House of Pancakes, Great America Pkwy (near 101), Santa Clara (closes 11PM)
  • Carl's Jr., Tasman Dr (near Cisco), Santa Clara (closes midnight)

We request that the only people voting are those who expect they might attend the after-meeting dinner/social. (If you're itching to try this out, suggest another voting topic.)

svlug-pres-term-2004-alt poll.
svlug-pres-term-2004-alt poll results.
This is an alternate presentation of results for the "Term of Office for SVLUG President/Vice-President" poll. The choices for "I'm willing to run" are merged into the "this choice is OK" options in this analysis of the results.

You can vote in the other poll, but not this one.

svlug-pres-term-2004 poll.
svlug-pres-term-2004 poll results.
This vote is now closed.

Feedback we're hearing while looking for candidates for SVLUG President and Vice-President indicate that there may be interest in changing the term of the office from the current two years. Please rank all of the following statements with which you agree at all, in numerical order starting from strongest agreement (1, as in 1st choice) to the number of the last choice with which you agree. (Be honest about whether you'd consider running now or in the future, because it helps distinguish plain opinions from effects on future volunteers. Yes, we might contact you, if we have trouble finding candidates. But if you can't help right now, we'll just have to accept no for an answer.)

For more information see the corp.sbay.org Web site. This poll will close Tuesday, September 7 at 5PM Pacific Time.

Background info: Dan Kionka founded the group originally as a PC Unix SIG in 1988, which quickly became a Linux group in the early 90s. He ran the group for 10 years, until it was ready to fly on its own. The tradition of 2-year terms for the SVLUG President was established when Ben Spade became the first elected SVLUG president in 1998-1999. Chris DiBona was president in 2000, but had to step down after a year when he was moving out of the area. So, the 2-year terms were shifted back a year to begin in odd-numbered years. Marc Merlin was president in 2001-2002. Don Marti is the current president, serving for the 2003-2004 term.

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