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We'd like to thank our sponsors:
We'd like to thank our sponsors for making this Web site possible.

Welcome to the Silicon Valley Linux Users Group

Linux - The Operating System of the 21st Century TM

SVLUG Sponsors

As with most user groups, SVLUG depends on the support of individuals and corporations in our community.

We very much appreciate the support and assistance we have received from current and past sponsors, and would like to acknowledge their contributions.

Please let us know if you are aware of anyone we've missed!

Current Sponsors:

prgmr.com logo

Friendly local neigborhood Xen Virtual Private Server provider prgmr.com has generously provided a VPS serving SVLUG mailing lists (lists.svlug.org) since May 2015. They migrated and resurrected mailing list services from the old physical machine running a 2.4 kernel.


linode logo

Virtual machine and Internet hosting provider Linode provides SVLUG with a virtual machine that serves as our primary DNS server as well as being intended to become SVLUG's replacement production Web server. Linode has been providing us this machine since mid-2006. Our particular thanks to our Linode's CEO, Christopher Aker.


Symantec Symantec provides SVLUG with an excellent main meeting space in the Vcafe cafeteria facility at the former Veritas building in Mountain View. This began in May of 2005. Our particular thanks to our Symantec sponsor and liaison, Hans van Rietschote.
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Past Sponsors:

ViaNet logo Palo Alto, CA. Internet hosting provider ViaNet graciously provides SVLUG with physical Internet presence. This includes rack space for servers, power, and a high-speed Internet connection. ViaNet began sponsoring SVLUG in December of 2006.
ViaNet has supported Silicon Valley user groups for many years. Our particular thanks to Joe McGuckin, founder of ViaNet, for his sponsorship.

Google Google, Inc. kindly furnished SVLUG with a pleasant, cheerful installfest venue with LAN access to the Internet and an array of snacks and drinks, from April 2005 to December 2007. Also, in late 2007 and early 2008, they provided event space for our "kernel walkthrough" lecture series. Our thanks in particular to sponsoring employees Mark Nielsen, Jason T. Collins, Peter Neal, and Warren Turkal, who gave generously of their time and help.
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Open Country

During 2006, Open Country, Inc. provided refreshments (pizzas and drinks) for attendees at most SVLUG general meetings.

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Linux-1U.net Several times since 2000, Alvin Oga's Linux-1U.net, a local manufacturer of Linux 1U rackmount servers, donated 1U chassises and NetGear NICs as door prizes at summer Linux Picnic events and other SVLUG-sponsored events. During September/November 2006, the firm also provided hosting and data backup for SVLUG's Web server.
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VA Linux Systems Starting 1997, Linux hardware vendor VA Research (later VA Linux Systems) gave us Web hosting, free hardware, system administration, sponsorship for installfests at their business partner UMAX's cafeteria, and the free ongoing services of Amy Abascal and Lisa Corsetti on SVLUG's original Web staff, working with Heather Stern. The original SVLUG machine was constructed and administered by VA Research's Rob Walker and then by VA Linux IT Department sysadmin Marc Merlin. Many other VA exployees have generously helped.
In 2002, the firm became VA Software Corporation, a proprietary Java (J2EE) software company, when it decided to exit the Linux industry, and then later (May 2007) exited that industry as well, renamed itself Sourceforge, Inc., a collection of "media and e-commerce Web sites", ironically approximating the Andover.Net company that VA Linux acquired in 1999.

Linuxcare Linuxcare was a great sponsor of SVLUG, providing speakers, shirts, stickers, and even raffling machines off at our meetings! (More recently, the firm re-emerged as Levanta, Inc. a publisher of proprietary data center management software.)

Cisco Systems Systems provided us with meeting space at their Gateway and Vineyard Conference Centers in North San Jose, into 2005. Cisco was also the site of our first installfest in 1997 and the July-December 1998 installfests. Many Cisco employees are either officers or volunteers for SVLUG.
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Netscape Netscape (a subsidiary of AOL since early 1999) provided speakers for the April 1998 meeting (the day after the Mozilla source release!) and the meeting space at their Bldg 22 Cafeteria for the Dec 1998 and Dec 1999 meetings.
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Accent Technology Accent Technology provided space for SVLUG installfests from September 2001 to 2005. The firm closed in February 2005.

SVLUG would like to thank the following individuals and groups who've done DNS nameservice and domain adminstration for svlug.org, svlug.net, and svlug.com:

  Brian Litzinger
Don Marti
Marc Merlin
New York Linux User Group
Rick Moen
Aaron T. Porter
Thunder.Net Communications
VA Linux Systems
Rob Walker

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