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Welcome to the Silicon Valley Linux Users Group

Linux - The Operating System of the 21st Century TM

SVLUG Officers

Leadership from 2009-present

In recent years, SVLUG's membership have ceased electing Presidents / Vice-Presidents. By default, its active volunteers have run the group since then on an ad-hoc basis. To participate, or to propose reinstituting SVLUG's presidency (if you're willing to serve), join the Volunteers mailing list.

Elected Officials

Name Position
Andrew FifePresident, 2008-2009
Paul ReiberPresident, 2006-2008
J. Paul ReedPresident, 2004-2006
Don MartiPresident, 2002-2004
Marc MerlinPresident , 2000-2002
Chris DiBonaPresident, 1999-2000
Ben SpadePresident, 1998
Dan KionkaPresident, 1988-1997
Lisa CorsettiVice-President, 2008-2009
Mark WeislerVice-President, 2006-2007
Micah DowtyVice-President, 2006
Bill WardVice-President, 2004-2005
Marc MerlinVice-President, 2002-2004
Don MartiVice-President, 2000-2002
Marc MerlinVice-President, 1999-2000
Chris DiBonaVice-President, 1998-1999

Appointed Officials

Name Position
[open]Speaker Coordinator
Don MartiPublicity/Marketing Coordinator
Mark Weisler and Margaret WendallPublicity Team Coordinators / Press Contacts
Rick Moen, Mark Weisler, and Margaret WendallWeb Content Coordinators
Lisa CorsettiWeb Design / Web Software Coordinator
[open]Installfest Coordinator

Teams You Can Volunteer for

Team Requested Experience Contact
Web Team Medium- to large-site Web content and/or Web software experience web-team@lists.svlug.org
Publicity Team Media relations experience (including press releases, press kits, etc.) volunteers@lists.svlug.org

Feedback to SVLUG webmasters.