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Welcome to the Silicon Valley Linux Users Group

Linux - The Operating System of the 21st Century TM

SVLUG Hacking Society

An experiment in collective open source hacking.

The Regular Time

Third Tuesdays, every month
7 pm - 10 pm
Next meeting: discontinued — unless you care to step forward and volunteer to lead them.

The Regular Place

Round Table Pizza
3730 North First Street, just north of Tasman Drive
San Jose
(directions, gratuitously stolen from SBAY's Ian Kluft)

What Hacking Society Is
What Hacking Society is Not
How to Join us


The original idea behind a "Hacking Society" was concocted up by a couple of core members of the Northern Colorado Linux Users' Group.

Originally started in late 2001/2002, the group met for dinner, discussed the pressing open source and geek topics of the day, and returned to a (wired) location to spend the next few hours staring into their computers together, working on whatever various projects were of personal interest.

At first, it may seem a bit weird: a bunch of people getting together to just stare into their computers. In practice, it turns out to be much more than that. Getting together every month has a number of benefits, including:

  • An environment filled with people working on open source code
  • Real-time open source development, complete with in-person feedback, reviews, and support (technical and otherwise)
  • A dedicated time and place you can put on your calendar every month, where you know you will get to work on your favorite pet project

The Hacking Society Web site discusses The Hacking Society Effect.

Over time, other chapters of the Hacking Society have sprung up, all around the country. Being the historical hotbed of geekdom and technology that the Silicon Valley is, we thought it only fitting that we start a chapter here.

What We Are

A group of people getting together to hack on pet projects, in an environment that is, we hope, a "hacker's paradise" of sorts, complete with hacker food, bandwidth, and (most important), other talented and up-and-coming hackers.

What We Are Not

A group of people getting together to trade Scr1P+ K1Ddi3 hacks, war3Z, MP3s, or generally engage in anything that would arouse law enforcement attention.

In other words, hacking, not "hacking".

How to Join Us!

It's really easy! Just show up at the location above!

Chances are very high that you will want to bring a laptop, preferably with wireless capabilities. Otherwise, you will be probably very bored for three hours. (Yes, the Round Table we've chosen has wireless, and, from SBAY reports, it's reliable.)

We will be eating dinner at Round Table, so, if you'd like to eat, it's best to show up around 7, since that's when everyone will be in "food mode."

If you don't have a laptop, but would like to join us, feel free. However, please don't be offended if people are working on projects and aren't very chatty. If you'd like to hack other things, such as math problems or a poem/novel, please feel free to bring those to "hack" on.

Please do not bring a desktop machine; we don't want to scare away "normal" people who are just out for dinner. :-)

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